Down emotionally Crossword Clue Answer

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Question: Down emotionally

Solution: SAD

SAD Definition 1:
Not happy :feeling or showing grief or unhappiness .
He’s feeling sad because his pet died.
People were sad that he was leaving.
The experience left her sadder but wiser.
Big sad eyes
SAD Definition 2:
Causing a feeling of grief or unhappiness .
Have you heard the sad news about his wife’s illness?
It’ll be a sad day when you leave us.
A sad love song
A sad poem
A movie with a sad ending
He lived a sad life.
SAD Definition 3:
Causing feelings of disappointment or pity see also sad sack.
The sad fact/truth of the matter is that they are right.
I live a pretty sad [=pathetic] life. I never go out on the weekend.
The government is in sad [=bad] shape.
The new version is a sad imitation of the original movie.
He’s a sad excuse for a father. [=he’s not a good father]
A sad-looking birthday cake
We needed more money but, sad to say, there wasn’t any.Sad but true, we couldn’t afford to go away for even a weekend at the beach.

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