Enjoys A Novel Crossword Clue Answer

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Definition 1:
To look at and understand the meaning of letters, words, symbols, etc. no obj + obj .

She learned to read at a very early age.
Can you read decimals/music/Braille?
I can’t read your handwriting.
He claimed that he could read my palm. [=look at the lines on the palm of my hand and tell me what was going to happen to me in the future]
Definition 2:
To read the words of (a book, magazine, etc.) + obj no obj .

He likes reading the newspaper.
She reads a lot of mystery novels.
We will be reading (works by) Milton in the class.
She starts work every day by reading her e-mail.
Didn’t you read the instructions?
He likes to read.
She doesn’t read much.
Please read from Chapter 5 through Chapter 10.
Definition 3:
To speak aloud the words of (something written) + obj no obj see also read out (below).

He read the poem aloud.
The teacher read a story to us. = The teacher read us a story.
He wrote down the address I gave him and read it back to me.
Her mother read to her every night at bedtime.
Definition 4:
To learn information about something from a book, newspaper, etc. no obj often + about sometimes + of + obj + that .

I read about the fire in the newspaper.
I have read of such things happening elsewhere.
I read somewhere that he’s making a new movie.
I read that they got married.
Definition 5:
To learn information about (someone) by looking at how that person behaves .

I can’t read her—I’m not sure if she likes me or not.
You’re an easy person to read.
Definition 6:
To learn information about (something) by looking at particular characteristics .

A good canoeist can read the rapids.
(golf) She missed the putt because she didn’t read the green correctly.
(American football) The quarterback read the defense correctly.
Definition 7:
To understand (something) in a particular way often + as .

The way I read it, we’re supposed to show up at 3 p.m.
The situation is hard to read. [=interpret]
I read his actions as a cry for help.
Definition 8:
To show (words) for someone to read .

The sign reads [=says] “No Trespassing.”
Definition 9:
To show (a temperature, weight, number, etc.) .

The thermometer reads 90 degrees.
The clock read 4:30.
Definition 10:
To be written in a particular way .

The definition reads awkwardly. [=the definition is awkwardly written]
This essay will read better if you reorganize it.
The speech reads well. [=the speech is written well]
The first chapters read like a lecture.
Definition 11:
To get information from (something) .

Someone reads the water meter once a month.
A scanner reads the bar codes on packages.
The computer can’t read that disk.
Definition 12:
To hear and understand (someone) over a radio .

Can you read me now?
I read you loud and clear.
Definition 13:
To replace (a word or number) with another word or number used to indicate how something written or said should be changed or corrected .

In the second problem, read 5 instead of 3. [=the number should be 5, not 3]
Definition 14:
To study (a subject) especially at a university + obj no obj often + for .

He read history at Oxford.
She is reading for a business degree.

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