Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers April 02, 2021

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Do sum work? ADD
Unpaid TV ad PSA
Layers of paints COATS
Marseilles monarch ROI
100% ALL
Ger. neighbor AUS
Shower units? RAINDROPS
Telly network BBC
Santa’s helpers ELVES
Pack cargo STOW
“— the ramparts …” OER
Not so hot? WARM
Co. that created Watson IBM
Motorist DRIVER
“Twilight” heroine — Swan BELLA
Streetcars TRAMS
Large gong TAMTAM
Teeny WEE
Grecian vessels URNS
Employ USE
Stand-up comic Chappelle DAVE
Egyptian peninsula SINAI
Big D.C. lobby NRA
Salable farm products CASHCROPS
“— so fast!” NOT
44th president OBAMA
Automaton, for short BOT
Chit IOU
City boss MAYOR
— -Cat SNO
Napoleon’s title (Abbr.) EMP


Riyadh residents ARABS
Uncertainty DOUBT
’70s club DISCO
Whittle (down) PARE
Zigzag in snow SLALOM
Breathing ALIVE
Scoundrels CADS
Wilder’s “— Town” OUR
Commotion ADO
Bit of advice TIP
“Mayday!” SOS
Dweeb NERD
Goes limp WILTS
Overcaffeinated WIRED
Actress Gardner AVA
“The One I Love” band REM
Doubtfire or Dalloway MRS
Sheepish remark BAA
Numbered rd. RTE
A/C measure BTU
Listener EAR
Run after K LMN
Naturalist John MUIR
Sword or dagger WEAPON
Elitists SNOBS
Sandy’s owner ANNIE
Engine sound VROOM
Devour EATUP
Bar fight souvenir SCAR
Analogy words ISTO
URL suffix COM
Lawyers’ gp. ABA
Utter SAY
Med. plan option HMO
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