Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers April 07, 2021

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Impetuous RASH
Leg, in slang GAM
Miles away AFAR
Ticklish Muppet ELMO
Lupino of film IDA
“Beloved” author Morrison TONI
Like some top-rated restaurants FOURSTAR
Trenches RUTS
“Blume in Love” star George SEGAL
Evening party SOIREE
Printer’s blue CYAN
Crony PAL
Small flute FIFE
Drill BORE
Early hrs. AMS
Music’s Yoko ONO
Rocker John ELTON
Museum-funding org. NEA
Bearded antelope GNU
Chest muscles, briefly PECS
MLB stat RBI
Ill will MALICE
Ceremonies RITES
Hamilton-Burr showdown DUEL
Like a barbershop quartet’s harmony FOURPART
Rocky outcrop CRAG
Highland hat TAM
“Her —” (song from “Miss Saigon”) ORME
Sidewalk eatery CAFE
NASCAR sponsor STP
Linguist Chomsky NOAM


Medicinal plant ALOE
Overconfident SMUG
“Satires” poet HORACE
“Shoo!” GIT
Oklahoma city ADA
Red planet MARS
Places in the heart ATRIA
Like some highways FOURLANE
Pot starter ANTE
Ascend RISE
Devious SLY
Frank OPEN
Competent ABLE
Tally mark NOTCH
Boating hazard FOG
Hostel INN
Like some clovers FOURLEAF
Valentine flower ROSE
Tex- — cuisine MEX
Utter SAY
Grand tale EPIC
Clog or loafer, e.g. SLIPON
Hogwash BILGE
Mess up ERR
1700, on a monument MDCC
Mystique AURA
New newts EFTS
Tropical tuber TARO
Gospel singer Franklin ERMA
Goblet feature STEM
Granola grain OAT
Ballpark figure UMP
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