Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers April 09, 2021

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Elroy’s dog ASTRO
Airline to Sweden SAS
Roman 1150 MCL
“Real Time” host Bill MAHER
Play segment ACT
Bond rating AAA
Supreme Court Justice Kagan ELENA
1991 John Grisham legal thriller THEFIRM
Track events RELAYS
Notion IDEA
“The Matrix” hero NEO
— Lancelot SIR
Broadway rosters CASTS
Admin. aide ASST
Answers an invitation RSVPS
Make happy PLEASE
Points CUSPS
Dayton’s state OHIO
Ham it up on stage EMOTE
Scale members RES
Away from WSW ENE
“Avatar” race NAVI
“Drive” band THECARS
“A Room with —” AVIEW
Scooted RAN
Picnic dessert PIE
Biblical passage VERSE
Golfer Ernie ELS
Favorite PET
Upright ERECT


Soul, to Camus AME
Erie Canal mule SAL
1979 Bette Midler film THEROSE
Actress Russo RENE
Pre-diploma hurdles ORALS
Nymph pursuers SATYRS
German exclamations ACHS
Fr. holy woman STE
Hotel workers MAIDS
Insertion symbol CARET
Tibetan monks LAMAS
Debacle FIASCO
Buenos — AIRES
Snooze NAP
Immigrant’s course (Abbr.) ESL
EMT’s skill CPR
Flower holders VASES
Take to court SUE
HBO crime series THEWIRE
“There’s no — team!” IIN
Iowa college COE
Car radio button PRESET
Strictly — nous ENTRE
Pizza places OVENS
Barrel strip STAVE
Party cheese BRIE
Done with OVER
iPhone download APP
Computer key ESC
Drench WET
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