Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers April 29, 2022

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


TV schedule abbr. TBA
“Acid” LSD
Squads TEAMS
Right angle ELL
French pal AMI
Places in the heart ATRIA
Noon, on a sundial XII
Detroit moniker MOTORCITY
Director Lee ANG
VIP on Air Force One POTUS
Trig function SINE
Guest’s bed COT
“Unh-unh” NAH
Willowy SVELTE
Blue cartoon character SMURF
Inventor Howe ELIAS
Disregard IGNORE
Service charge FEE
“Let’s go!” CMON
Stephen of “Still Crazy” REA
Goddess of victory NIKE
Move laterally SIDLE
“Platoon” locale NAM
“Gunsmoke” setting DODGECITY
Action flick gun UZI
Cara or Castle IRENE
Golf prop TEE
Decay ROT
Blood part SERUM
Fourth-yr. students SRS
Dawn goddess EOS


Amarillo’s state TEXAS
Russian pancakes BLINI
Set straight ALIGN
Genie’s home LAMP
“Same here” DITTO
Old salts TARS
Catchall abbr. ETC
“Exodus” hero ARI
Cambridge sch. MIT
Utter SAY
Failed at-bats OUTS
Noted 2001 bankruptcy ENRON
Mirren of “The Queen” HELEN
Yale grad ELI
JFK info ETA
— Moines DES
Kenya’s cont. AFR
Churchill gesture VEE
Bracketed word SIC
“High Society” studio MGM
First numero UNO
“Dirty John” actor Bana ERIC
Stumble FALTER
Redacts EDITS
Accustom INURE
Buzzing instrument KAZOO
Radiates EMITS
Appear SEEM
Seeing things EYES
Insult DIS
Mined matter ORE
Aachen article DER
Wildebeest GNU
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