Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers April 30, 2021

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Napkin’s place LAP
Flavor enhancer, for short MSG
Glazier’s sheets PANES
Nabokov novel ADA
Hearing thing EAR
“Tiny Alice” playwright ALBEE
Derek and Diddley BOS
Deficiency SHORTFALL
Scrap ORT
Dutch capital, with “The” HAGUE
Peruse READ
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Innocent one BABE
Chef Garten INA
“Catch-22” author Joseph HELLER
Michelangelo work PIETA
Setting MILIEU
— Juan SAN
Tend texts EDIT
FDR follower HST
Terrible guy? IVAN
“— had it!” IVE
Fail to meet expectations FALLSHORT
Moment SEC
Confused ATSEA
Started LED
Deluge refuge ARK
Taxi ticker METER
Asner and Harris EDS
Snake’s warning SSS


Hard work LABOR
Worship ADORE
Trattoria plateful PASTA
Screen material MESH
African desert SAHARA
Pirates’ potables GROGS
Canape spread PATE
TV alien ALF
Cagers’ gp. NBA
Sushi fish EEL
French salt SEL
Hurry RUSH
Finger or toe DIGIT
Russian pancakes BLINI
Hearty quaff ALE
Wager BET
Historic time ERA
Born abroad? NEE
Ecol. watchdog EPA
Soul, to Sartre AME
Carried out DID
“Love Story” actress MacGraw ALI
“Oops!” UHOH
Stylish wrap STOLE
Travel papers VISAS
Declares AVERS
Guitar parts NECKS
Despot TSAR
Classic Fords LTDS
Reunion gp. FAM
Chowed down ATE
D-Day vessel LST
Director Ang LEE
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