Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers December 04, 2021

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Satchels BAGS
Rebuff SNUB
YouTube upload (Abbr.) VID
Nevada neighbor UTAH
— colada PINA
Epoch ERA
Actor’s quest ROLE
Race place INDY
Jamie Foxx biopic RAY
Oscar-winner Moreno RITA
Old Oldsmobile REO
Cookouts, briefly BBQS
Bikini half BRA
Outback bird EMU
Training book MANUAL
Lustrous SATINY
Singer Travis TRITT
Valuable violin STRAD
Lessened ABATED
Coffers CHESTS
Before ERE
Corn serving EAR
Swerve VEER
Bank account amt. BAL
Pyramid part BASE
Director DuVernay AVA
Museo display ARTE
Make — for it (flee) ARUN
Trench PIT
French perfume brand DIOR
Schreiber of “Ray Donovan” LIEV
Golfer Ernie ELS
Catch sight of ESPY
Indolent LAZY


Duelist Aaron BURR
Yours (Fr.) ATOI
John in “Atlas Shrugged” GALT
Skin moisturizer SHEABUTTER
Helix shape SPIRAL
Prime-time hour NINE
Cancels UNDOES
Inlet BAY
Part of speech VERB
Baghdad’s land IRAQ
Calendar squares DAYS
Turkey brand BUTTERBALL
Critic, often RATER
“Three Sisters” sister MASHA
1959 Kingston Trio hit MTA
Wall St. whiz ARB
Long of “Soul Food” NIA
Tax-collecting org. IRS
D.C. baseballer NAT
Gridiron stats YDS
Rubbish DEBRIS
Bloody Mary garnish CELERY
Smoke an e-cig VAPE
Satan’s forte EVIL
Vittles EATS
At the summit of ATOP
Opera house solo ARIA
Canal zone SUEZ
Jealousy ENVY
Citric beverage ADE
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