Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers February 15, 2021

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Here, in Dijon ICI
Sturdy tree OAK
Ogler’s look LEER
Calico’s call MEOW
Shapiro of NPR ARI
Pet food brand IAMS
Utah ski resort ALTA
Distant FAR
Crazy NUTS
Purse fastener CLASP
Pear choice BOSC
Chapeau HAT
Bluish-purple VIOLET
Where earth meets sky HORIZON
Feather in one’s cap PLUME
Persia, today IRAN
Sched. placeholder TBD
Hammer target NAIL
Roo’s mother KANGA
Use a calculator COMPUTE
Upper crust ELITES
Three, in Rome TRE
Sea predator ORCA
Salon sounds SNIPS
Author Uris LEON
Ms. Gardner AVA
March Madness gp. NCAA
Eager AVID
“Berlin Game” author Deighton LEN
Egg part YOLK
Body powder TALC
Parched DRY
Formerly known as NEE


Apple desktop IMAC
Prison room CELL
Greek vowel IOTA
Klutz OAF
Spirited horse ARAB
Russian ballet company KIROV
Coin first minted in 1909 LINCOLNPENNY
— Claire, Wis. EAU
911 responder EMT
Web feed inits. RSS
Capital on the Potomac WASHINGTONDC
La —, Bolivia PAZ
Use a straw SIP
Nanny’s charge TOT
Maui meal LUAU
Send forth EMIT
Prefix with conference TELE
Scouting outing HIKE
Exam format ORAL
Hindu royal RANI
“This Is Us” network NBC
Speck DOT
— Lingus AER
Doubtfire or Dalloway MRS
Burn with steam SCALD
Say it’s so AVER
PC picture ICON
Ale variety PALE
Rice wine SAKE
Long. crosser LAT
Actress Longoria EVA
Texas tea OIL
Whatever ANY
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