Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers February 20, 2021

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Discover LEARN
South American prairies PAMPAS
Physician MEDICO
Italian cheese ASIAGO
Golden Arches burger BIGMAC
Cruising ASEA
Despot TSAR
Small batteries AAS
Track tipster TOUT
Hooter OWL
Tummy muscles ABS
French cheese BRIE
Skin soother ALOE
Prime Minister’s address DOWNINGSTREET
Actress Falco EDIE
911 responders EMTS
Mormon church, for short LDS
Refusals NOS
God of war ARES
Annex ADD
— Nostra COSA
Pismires ANTS
After-shower powder TALCUM
Arizona tribe NAVAHO
Texas city ODESSA
Abase oneself GROVEL
Director Scorsese MARTIN
Haunting EERIE


Floral rings LEIS
Shoot for AIMAT
Nipper’s co. RCA
Chopin composition NOCTURNE
“Qué —?” (“What’s going on?”) PASA
Houston player ASTRO
Roman 1002 MII
Kind of parking PARALLEL
Water, to Juan AGUA
Bribes SOPS
CEO’s deg. MBA
Marks of shame STIGMAS
Japanese sash OBI
Kids’ card game WAR
Citric beverage ADE
Physique BOD
Scam artist SWINDLER
British ref. work OED
UFO fliers ETS
“The Matrix” character NEO
Mao — -tung TSE
Italian for “Pardon me” SCUSI
Relish SAVOR
Fermi’s bit ATOM
Baby’s father DADA
Yemen neighbor OMAN
“Avatar” race NAVI
Biblical pronoun THEE
Scale member SOL
Chicago winter hrs. CST
“All bets — off” ARE
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