Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers January 07, 2022

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Schlep LUG
Family docs GPS
Cognizant AWARE
Mil. address APO
Football’s Parseghian ARA
Jail-related PENAL
Oahu, for one (Abbr.) ISL
Separated by a barrier WALLEDOFF
Roulette bet RED
Windy day toys KITES
Male deer STAG
Pink Floyd’s Barrett SYD
Clock radio toggle AMPM
CBS logo EYE
Germany’s Merkel ANGELA
“SNL” producer Michaels LORNE
Everest guide SHERPA
Canonized Fr. woman STE
Peace symbol DOVE
Trim the grass MOW
Dimension SIZE
Leg bone TIBIA
Superman foe Luthor LEX
Kimono sash OBI
Perpendicular, at sea ABEAM
Greek H ETA
Soon-to-be grads SRS
Civil rights org. NAACP
Old map letters SSR
Have breakfast EAT


Hideaways LAIRS
Surprise win UPSET
Israel’s Meir GOLDA
Stare stupidly GAWK
Like anchovies SALTY
Mimics APES
Marry WED
Year in Cancún ANO
U.K. military fliers RAF
Sprite ELF
Spartan queen LEDA
Category GENRE
De Mille of dance AGNES
Club — MED
Mideast org. PLO
Gullet MAW
“You betcha!!” YEP
Mosquito barrier NET
“Acid” LSD
“So that’s it!” OHO
Speed (up) REV
During AMID
Swallows’ cousins SWIFTS
Slender woodwinds OBOES
“You win” ILOSE
Striped equine ZEBRA
Office part-timer TEMP
Miles away AFAR
Fire CAN
Lawyers’ gp. ABA
Salonga of “Miss Saigon” LEA
Varnish ingredient LAC
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