Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers January 11, 2022

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Not so hot? WARM
Dog tags, e.g. IDS
Quick look PEEK
Antioxidant berry ACAI
French vineyard CRU
Impetuous RASH
Dungeon’s quality DANKNESS
Actress Rae ISSA
Small batteries AAS
Detroit hoopster PISTON
Like a neglected lawn WEEDY
Coop group HENS
Within (Pref.) ENDO
Foppish behavior DANDYISM
Caustic cleaner LYE
Dean’s list stat GPA
Writer Steel DANIELLE
Three- — sloth TOED
Barn birds OWLS
Travesty FARCE
“Jane Eyre” author BRONTE
Tofu source SOY
Chicago’s Mayor Lightfoot LORI
Hanging loosely DANGLING
Location AREA
Swiss canton URI
Roasting spot OVEN
Church song HYMN
Domino spot PIP
Harvest REAP


Bankroll WAD
Obamacare acronym ACA
Scooted RAN
Japanese emperor MIKADO
Frosts a cake ICES
Hosp. workers DRS
Hitchcock forte SUSPENSE
Overly proper PRISSY
Bridge position EAST
Canadian gas brand ESSO
“Star Trek II” villain KHAN
Aye undoer NAY
“500” race INDY
Use a blowtorch WELD
New Age singer ENYA
Genesis garden EDEN
Salutes HAILS
Prettified DOLLEDUP
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Detail, briefly SPEC
Created MADE
Salamander NEWT
Sea off Sicily IONIAN
“Fearless” singer Swift TAYLOR
Boating hazard FOG
Humdrum BLAH
“Gilmore Girls” daughter RORY
Utah city OREM
Use scissors SNIP
“Exodus” hero ARI
“— had it!” IVE
Museum-funding org. NEA
Econ. measure GNP
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