Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers January 12, 2022

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Manhandle MAUL
Annex ADD
Trig function SINE
Within (Pref.) ENTO
“Ben- —” HUR
Toledo’s lake ERIE
“Sure, of course” OKAYFINE
Bakery buy ROLL
“Yippee!” WAHOO
Apple music service ITUNES
Pride parade initials LGBT
“Let me think …” HMM
Valley in California NAPA
Indy event RACE
Wall climber IVY
Rocker Rose AXL
Plains grazers BISON
Formerly known as NEE
Earth (Pref.) GEO
Stink REEK
“It’s — real!” BEEN
Texter’s “Enough!” TMI
Bring up REAR
Pink hue CORAL
Lena of “The Reader” OLIN
Sake, e.g. RICEWINE
Curse BANE
Greek mountain IDA
Zilch NONE
Rosebud, to Kane SLED
Camp bed COT
Flag feature STAR


Calico’s call MEOW
“My Way” writer ANKA
Beehive State UTAH
Jesuit university LOYOLA
Sushi fish AHI
Press for payment DUN
Zwei follower DREI
Blood part SERUM
Ore source IRONMINE
Aswan’s river NILE
Congers EELS
Sailing hazard FOG
Subsequently THEN
Party cheese BRIE
Stunning gun TASER
Pester NAG
Chopper AXE
Story thread PLOTLINE
Pepsi rival COKE
Victory sign VEE
Longing YEN
Telly watcher BRIT
Cleveland squad BROWNS
Like lions MANED
Expert ACE
Filches ROBS
Israeli carrier ELAL
Guitarist Clapton ERIC
Funny person RIOT
Visitor to Siam ANNA
Ogler’s look LEER
Altar affirmative IDO
Jazz lover CAT
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