Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers January 13, 2022

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Egg on SPUR
Science room LAB
Arm bone ULNA
Actress Gilpin PERI
Hosp. area ICU
Wedding cake layer TIER
Bridge position EAST
Not “agin” FER
“Snap out —!” OFIT
Monet or Debussy CLAUDE
Wards off REPELS
“— Poetica” ARS
Be sick AIL
Healthy WELL
Comic Philips EMO
Menagerie ZOO
Trio after M NOP
Fish lover’s deli order TUNAHERO
Group of quail BEVY
Transcript no. GPA
Parched DRY
Oracle setting DELPHI
“Brigadoon” lyricist LERNER
Buffalo’s county ERIE
Miss Piggy’s pronoun MOI
French waterway OISE
— Romeo ALFA
Canine greeting ARF
Summit ACME
Ogler’s look LEER
“— -haw!” (cowgirl’s cry) YEE
Monopoly card DEED


Detail, briefly SPEC
Bell sound PEAL
— Major URSA
Ceremony RITUAL
Not enlarged or reduced LIFESIZE
Tennis feat ACE
“Ironside” star BURR
Perfect place UTOPIA
Game show aid LIFELINE
Astronaut Armstrong NEIL
Sciences’ partner ARTS
AMA member DR
Hearing thing EAR
Drenched WET
Ostrich’s kin EMU
Palmist’s prediction LONGLIFE
Neither mate NOR
Hit song by OneRepublic GOODLIFE
Calendar abbr. NOV
Covert agent SPY
Taunting laugh HAH
Secondary route BYROAD
Concerning RE
Bargain DEAL
Perry’s creator ERLE
Noncommittal answer IMAY
Pleasing NICE
Salinger girl ESME
Marsh plant REED
Tram load ORE
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