Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers January 15, 2021

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Former quarterback Tim TEBOW
Scrap ORT
NBC show SNL
Honda’s upscale brand ACURA
PBS funder NEA
Luau bowlful POI
Napper DOZER
Cease broadcasting SIGNOFF
Frozen drink brand ICEE
Life story BIO
Corpulent FAT
Questioner ASKER
Bands on radios AMFM
Russian rulers TSARS
Least risky SAFEST
Bounded LEAPED
Actress Portia de — ROSSI
Microwave, slangily NUKE
Sty chow SWILL
Summer in Paris ETE
Salty expanse SEA
River in Tuscany ARNO
Show bad posture SLOUCH
Rocket launch LIFTOFF
Unfettered LOOSE
Fr. holy woman STE
Roof ornament EPI
Spritelike ELFIN
— Lingus AER
JFK’s predecessor DDE
Flat floaters RAFTS


Wee bit TAD
Green prefix ECO
“Go away!” BUZZOFF
Popular layered cookie OREO
“The — the Roses” (Kathleen Turner film) WAROF
Beginnings ONSETS
Tara of “Sharknado” REID
Label TAG
“Star Trek” science officer SPOCK
Type of checking NOFEE
Career soldier LIFER
Xterra maker NISSAN
Damon and Dillon MATTS
Some coll. degrees BAS
“— Believer” IMA
Exist ARE
Red wine MERLOT
Justice Samuel — ALITO
Fa follower SOL
Scratch (out) EKE
Narc’s org. DEA
Arm’s-length portrait SELFIE
Music genre of Celia Cruz SALSA
Jot down WRITE
Draw a conclusion INFER
Swiss mathematician EULER
Bay Area force, briefly SFPD
Pop flavor COLA
British ref. work OED
Command to Rover SIT
USN rank ENS
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