Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers July 03, 2020

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Brick worker MASON
Morning moisture DEW
Praise in verse ODE
Madrid museum PRADO
Actress Mendes EVA
Aug. and Sept. MOS
Seraglio HAREM
Beach footwear SANDALS
Establish by decree ORDAIN
Ostrich kin RHEA
Tax form ID SSN
Chang’s brother ENG
Like snake eyes BEADY
Tatters RAGS
“West Side Story” role ANITA
Thunder sound RUMBLE
Fred’s dancing partner ADELE
Thailand, once SIAM
Left, at sea APORT
Away from WSW ENE
Tool set KIT
Dealer’s foe NARC
Tennis star Graf STEFFI
Beach toppers SUNHATS
“Amazing” magician RANDI
“Xanadu” band ELO
Glutton HOG
Hunter in the sky ORION
Parcel of land LOT
— Jima IWO
Snooped (around) NOSED


Speedometer stat MPH
Palindromic constellation ARA
Unisex beachwear SARONGS
Baltic Sea feeder ODER
— plume NOMDE
Blueprint DESIGN
Author Hunter EVAN
Pallid WAN
Nebraska city OMAHA
Parceled (out) DOLED
Thoreau piece ESSAY
Reveries DREAMS
“What’s in —?” ANAME
Fourth-yr. students SRS
Utter SAY
A/C measure BTU
Collar stiffener STARCH
Peace goddess IRENE
D.C. summer hrs. EDT
Skimpy beachwear BIKINIS
Chou En- — LAI
911 responder EMT
“Get a move on!” LETSGO
Photographer Adams ANSEL
Sao —, Brazil PAULO
“Believe it —!” ORNOT
Zac of “Neighbors” EFRON
Pack cargo STOW
Gambling game FARO
Sashimi fish AHI
Fawn’s mom DOE
Hoosier St. IND
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