Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers July 20, 2021

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Soother BALM
March Madness gp. NCAA
Fella BUB
“The King —” ANDI
Hoops great Monroe EARL
Bruins legend ORR
Olympian’s dream GOLDMEDAL
NYC airport LGA
Young fellows LADS
Encryptions CODES
“My Name Is — Lev” ASHER
Tropical tree PALM
“To — not …” BEOR
Loses steam DIESDOWN
Web address URL
“Don’t Know Why” singer Jones NORAH
Compete VIE
Baby frogs TADPOLES
Michael of “The Martian” PENA
Convention freebie TOTE
Skinflint MISER
Part of Hispaniola HAITI
Dread FEAR
Director Lee ANG
Telemarketing tactics COLDCALLS
Ultimate NTH
Ms. Brockovich ERIN
Horn sound TOOT
Tool set KIT
Facts and figures DATA
Hollywood clashers EGOS


Satchel BAG
Year in Spain ANO
“Bad” cholesterol LDL
Bette in “Beaches” MIDLER
Must have NEED
Scoundrels CADS
Coach Parseghian ARA
Like some real estate deals ALLCASH
Daring maneuvers BOLDMOVES
Incite URGE
Bikini parts BRAS
Scratch MAR
Vintage OLD
Border on ABUT
Antitoxins SERA
“Don’t let go!” HOLDTIGHT
Carrots’ mates PEAS
Hand (out) DOLE
Rage IRE
Merlot or Chianti WINE
Close NEAR
Observed NOTICED
Cauldron POT
Buccaneer PIRATE
PC alternative MAC
Slugger Aaron HANK
Move like a butterfly FLIT
— St. Vincent Millay EDNA
Mouths (Lat.) ORA
Journal LOG
Privy LOO
Rds. STS
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