Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers July 22, 2021

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Satchel BAG
Bryn — MAWR
Equitable JUST
Half of dos UNO
Fed. workplace monitor OSHA
Friend ALLY
“Have a safe trip!” GODSPEED
Enlist again REUP
Tree fluid SAP
Decorated soldier WARHERO
Music for seven SEPTET
Caviar base ROE
Flamenco cheer OLE
Wee dollop DAB
Poets of yore BARDS
Streamlet RILL
— choy BOK
TV explorer DORA
Mil. group DIV
Coffee holder MUG
Pouch SAC
Like Enya’s music NEWAGE
Root veggie PARSNIP
Harry Potter pal RON
Lotion additive ALOE
Ares, for one GREEKGOD
Central point NODE
Bern’s river AARE
Parisian “yes” OUI
Fr. holy women STES
TV host Seacrest RYAN
ER workers DRS


Glitch BUG
Year in Spain ANO
“Day by Day” musical GODSPELL
Swabbed MOPPED
Enzyme suffix ASE
“That was close!” WHEW
Doppler device RADAR
Jake Gyllenhaal film JARHEAD
Peter Fonda role ULEE
Insult SLUR
Printing error TYPO
Perched SAT
Filch ROB
Director Kazan ELIA
Indent key TAB
Physique BOD
Mars, e.g. ROMANGOD
Pharmaceutical DRUG
Stuffing herb SAGE
Family KIN
— Diego SAN
“Pippin” star Ben VEREEN
Humidor item CIGAR
Stir-fry vessel WOK
Bad reviews PANS
Oodles ALOT
Took the train RODE
Use a rosary PRAY
Historic time ERA
“— Town” OUR
Insult, slangily DIS
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