Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers July 23, 2021

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Stick with a kick TNT
Curator’s concern ART
Old Testament book MICAH
Irish actor Stephen REA
— Na Na SHA
Tolerate ABIDE
Resistance unit OHM
Cowboy’s greeting HOWDYMAAM
Three, in Rome TRE
Boredom ENNUI
Bath bubbles SUDS
Coloring agent DYE
Dines SUPS
Airport screening org. TSA
“Get a move on!” LETSGO
Proprietor OWNER
Pick up the tab TREAT
“Frida” or “Ray” BIOPIC
Salt source SEA
Hostels INNS
Ms. Thurman UMA
Genie’s offering WISH
Condition STATE
Scot’s denial NAE
Assent from a sailor AYEAYESIR
Turkish title AGA
Discover LEARN
Prefix with athlete TRI
Bankroll WAD
Top floor ATTIC
Moment SEC
Golfer Ernie ELS


Easy gaits TROTS
India’s first prime minister NEHRU
No longer wild TAMED
Tennis legend Arthur ASHE
“Help Me, —” (Beach Boys hit) RHONDA
Lion’s color TAWNY
Polite query MAYI
“Big Blue” IBM
Spy org. CIA
Nabokov novel ADA
Skirt edge HEM
Face-off DUEL
Dance moves STEPS
Scarecrow stuffing STRAW
Exploit USE
Links org. PGA
Drunkard SOT
— Lanka SRI
Paris summer ETE
Kimono sash OBI
Victory WIN
“Smoking or —?” NON
Adorable CUTE
Lampoon SATIRE
Ship poles MASTS
Amazed INAWE
“Rebel” actress Katey SAGAL
Coin toss call HEADS
Harmonization SYNC
Guitarist Clapton ERIC
In the manner of ALA
Still YET
Take courses? EAT
Shapiro of NPR ARI
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