Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers July 31, 2020

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Pass along RELAY
MLB stat RBI
Night flier BAT
Wear down ERODE
Many millennia EON
Tramcar contents ORE
Walks nervously PACES
Place for valuables LOCKBOX
Persist with KEEPAT
Evict OUST
Hearty quaff ALE
“Game, —, match!” SET
Records TAPES
Wagers BETS
Oyster’s prize PEARL
Supermarket sections AISLES
Kingdoms REALMS
Hunter in the sky ORION
Fly high SOAR
Relinquish WAIVE
Insult, slangily DIS
Hit CBS series CSI
Author Ferber EDNA
“Quantum Healing” author Chopra DEEPAK
Gym array LOCKERS
Golf clubs IRONS
— Hill (RandB group) DRU
Vegas opener? LAS
Prefix with surgeon NEURO
Sun. talk SER
CEO’s deg. MBA
Lucifer SATAN


Workout unit REP
Epoch ERA
Picture pendants LOCKETS
“Zip- — -Doo-Dah” ADEE
Affirmatives YESES
Cowboy’s footwear BOOT
Business mag INC
Rise to the surface BOBUP
Modern messages TEXTS
Eucalyptus eaters KOALAS
Coke alternative PEPSI
Lawyers’ org. ABA
Island garland LEI
Three, in Rome TRE
Bratislava native SLOVAK
Golfer Palmer, to fans ARNIE
Before ERE
Labor dispute tactic LOCKOUT
Pas’ mates MAS
— Lanka SRI
Texas city ODESSA
Uses a blowtorch WELDS
Worship ADORE
Rack up, as debt INCUR
Whirls SPINS
Colorless DRAB
Vicinity AREA
Shade tree ELM
Big D.C. lobby NRA
Junior SON
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