Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers July 31, 2021

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Police raids BUSTS
Vodka cocktail COSMO
Department BUREAU
Secret matters ARCANA
Early archbishop of Canterbury ANSELM
Like marble VEINED
Hit CBS series CSI
Star’s bit part CAMEO
Three, on a sundial III
Superman’s alias KENT
“Homeland” org. CIA
Tropical tree PALM
Furtive type SNEAK
Newspaper piece ARTICLE
Salonga of “Miss Saigon” LEA
Can metal TIN
Works by Grandma Moses, e.g. FOLKART
Maestro Zubin — MEHTA
You love (Lat.) AMAS
Bar bill TAB
Stitched SEWN
Dog doc VET
Man of morals? AESOP
“Traffic” org. DEA
Selfishness EGOISM
Composer Prokofiev SERGEI
Vinegar bottles CRUETS
Red-tag events SALES
Litigants SUERS


Lab burner BUNSEN
Bearish URSINE
Observe SEE
Body powder TALC
Poison — SUMAC
Primitive paintings, e.g. CAVEART
Sandwich treat OREO
Biol. or chem. SCI
Fanatic MANIAC
“Anna Christie” playwright ONEILL
Supports BACKS
Stop on — ADIME
Ms. Farrow MIA
Orates TALKS
Fragrant trees PINES
Mauna — KEA
Allen or Daly TIM
Apollo’s sister ARTEMIS
Top picks, for short FAVES
Alphas’ opposites OMEGAS
Jackson family member LATOYA
Prof’s helpers TAS
Person who won’t commit HEDGER
Diarist Nin ANAIS
Autumn pears BOSCS
Tennis great Arthur ASHE
Andean land PERU
Oahu or Maui (Abbr.) ISL
Wish undone RUE
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