Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers June 30, 2020

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Grouch CRAB
Coach Parseghian ARA
Roller coaster cry WHEE
Kitten’s sound PURR
Marsh BOG
Deserve EARN
Downright ABSOLUTE
Idle of Monty Python ERIC
Profit NET
Black birds RAVENS
Prefix with -plasm PROTO
Delhi dress SARI
Traditional tales LORE
Instrument made from pipes PANFLUTE
Ms. Thurman UMA
Punches SLUGS
Yank’s foe REB
Sled dog breed MALAMUTE
“Frozen” snow queen ELSA
Entice LURE
Having a damp smell MUSTY
Trattoria desserts GELATI
Sailor TAR
War god ARES
Greyhound driver’s assignment BUSROUTE
Jeopardize RISK
Olympics chant USA
Beseech PRAY
Alpha follower BETA
Sun. talk SER
Aachen article EINE


Tax prep pro CPA
Barbecue seasoning RUB
MGM motto start ARS
“Jane Eyre” author BRONTE
Border on ABUT
Decay ROT
Info on a toy package AGERANGE
Cotton pest WEEVIL
Tortoise’s opponent HARE
Ireland ERIN
Letter extras (Abbr.) ENCS
Zodiac cat LEO
Barks ARFS
Jack Horner’s prize PLUM
“Arrivederci —” ROMA
Exam format ORAL
Fry lightly SAUTE
Word on a coin PLURIBUS
Web addresses URLS
Try out TEST
Online auction site EBAY
Lewd material SMUT
Largest U.S. state ALASKA
Italy’s continent EUROPE
Scratch MAR
Attire GARB
For fear that LEST
Despot TSAR
Employ USE
Swiss canton URI
Sunbather’s goal TAN
Storm center EYE
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