Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers May 02, 2022

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


“What was I thinking?” DOH
Military group CADRE
Hardly any FEW
— de cologne EAU
Inventor Howe ELIAS
Chopper AXE
Player with no contract FREEAGENT
Co. unit DIV
Compass dir. SSE
Roof beam RAFTER
Start a garden SEED
Clean air org. EPA
Use a straw SIP
Heat setting MIAMI
Barbie, e.g. DOLL
Annex ADD
Did the crawl SWAM
Took off SPLIT
Valentine’s Day mo. FEB
Wanted poster abbr. AKA
Medicinal plant ALOE
Kid’s coloring stick CRAYON
Epitomize TYPIFY
Old Olds REO
Extinct bird MOA
Warning device FIREALARM
Blunder ERR
Finished ENDED
Chinese chairman MAO
Bottom line NET
Quaint oath EGADS
Sound booster AMP


Dict. info DEF
Rowboat need OAR
Shade HUE
Neighbor of Libya ALGERIA
Conk out DIE
South African money RANDS
Gradually disappeared FADEDAWAY
Way out EXIT
“— Only Just Begun” WEVE
Ballpark fig. EST
Floral rings LEIS
Some wines REDS
Per person APOP
Go to pieces FALLAPART
Adobe file format PDF
Shark variety MAKO
One-named supermodel IMAN
Caron title role LILI
Commanded DECREED
Brittle candy TOFFEE
Bakery loaves BREADS
Sizing up EYING
ISP giant AOL
Fed. agents TMEN
Days gone by YORE
Vitamin stat RDA
Docs’ bloc AMA
Ewe’s mate RAM
Unruly hair MOP
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