Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers May 04, 2021

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


“Prometheus” actor Idris ELBA
Some coll. degrees BAS
Jug handles EARS
Property claim LIEN
Inventor Whitney ELI
Opening day? XMAS
Unconventionally stylish, to the max FUNKIEST
Sweet wine PORT
PC key ALT
Fern seeds SPORES
Daily Planet reporter Kent CLARK
Helps AIDS
Moth variety LUNA
Lively parties FUNFESTS
“Evil Woman” band ELO
Los —, California GATOS
Diner dessert PIE
Body powder TALC
Decomposes ROTS
Reacts to yeast RISES
Diocese part PARISH
Lay down the lawn SOD
Nobel Prize subj. ECON
Specialized drag racer FUNNYCAR
Sleep like — ALOG
Dos Passos trilogy USA
— Major URSA
Sci-fi’s Skywalker LUKE
Triathlon segment LEG


Santa’s helper ELF
Lucy of “Kill Bill” LIU
Oscar winner Kingsley BEN
Turkey’s capital ANKARA
Borscht veggie BEET
Gore and Green ALS
Audits, as a class SITSINON
Make public EXPOSE
Cupid’s specialty AMOR
Scarce RARE
Bygone fliers SSTS
Sort ILK
Sharable PC files PDFS
Staff leader? CLEF
Humdinger LULU
Unsigned (Abbr.) ANON
Ones for the road? AUTOS
Relaxing resorts SPAS
Scrabble piece TILE
Brief moments SECS
Classic Pontiacs GTOS
Harry Potter pal RON
Bell sound PEAL
Rights org. ACLU
Castle ROOK
Hose woe SNAG
Exploit USE
— -Magnon CRO
Enzyme suffix ASE
Squealer RAT
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