Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers May 04, 2022

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Disposition MOOD
Sheepish remark BAA
Nile bird IBIS
Leer at OGLE
URL ending ORG
Item on stage PROP
Artillery ORDNANCE
Indian flatbread ROTI
Pine product RESIN
Naval rank SEAMAN
Dutch cheese EDAM
Win — nose BYA
Sings like Cardi B RAPS
Keto restriction CARB
Homer’s neighbor NED
Eggs OVA
Thin fogs HAZES
Dove’s call COO
Series of battles WAR
Ocean motion TIDE
Optimum BEST
Allow LET
Winged ALAR
Pop’s dad GRAMPA
Soul mate? HEART
Hindu royal RANI
Protester’s act DEFIANCE
Ad agcy. client ACCT
Shock partner AWE
Baseball’s Musial STAN
Turns blue? DYES
Kitten’s cry MEW
Try out TEST


Heath MOOR
Shrek, for one OGRE
Early automaker OLDS
Gainsays DENIES
“— voyage!” BON
Lob’s path ARC
Mellows AGES
Start of a supplication IPRAY
Type of male bonding BROMANCE
Speck IOTA
Whirl SPIN
Moreover AND
Recedes EBBS
“Superfood” berry ACAI
Tribute maker MAZDA
Tier ROW
Actress Gardner AVA
Manner of speaking PARLANCE
Film spool REEL
Dawn goddess EOS
Speck DOT
URL opener HTTP
Chicken serving BREAST
Radiates EMITS
Sashimi fish AHI
Suggestive RACY
Eve’s guy ADAM
Initial chip ANTE
Early TVs RCAS
Camp shelter TENT
Lamb’s dam EWE
Hardly any FEW
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