Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers May 16, 2022

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Spiced tea CHAI
WWII service person WAC
Latin 101 word AMAT
Standard NORM
“Kinda” suffix ISH
Pulverize potatoes MASH
Spill the beans BLAB
Exhaust conduit TAILPIPE
Islamic leader CALIPH
Scrooge cries BAHS
Branch ARM
Comic shrieks EEKS
Epoch ERA
Plum relatives SLOES
Actress Vardalos NIA
Fancy party GALA
Economic decline DOWNTURN
“Ben-Hur” studio MGM
Secret-protecting docs NDAS
Cove critters OTTERS
“Heartburn” writer Nora EPHRON
Prepare to flee TURNTAIL
Actress Fisher ISLA
“Yeah, right” IBET
“Unh-unh” NAH
Numbered rds. RTES
Beholds SEES
Brit. record label EMI
Rear end TUSH


“Mad Money” network CNBC
Spanish greeting HOLA
Asia’s — Sea ARAL
Keep for oneself WITHHOLD
Botanist Gray ASA
Voucher CHIT
Current measure AMPERE
Online starting point MAINMENU
Nile vipers ASPS
Yon folks THEY
Grazing land LEA
Cushions PADS
Feel faint SWOON
Cello tuner PEG
Nest egg letters IRA
Date source PALMTREE
Indian capital NEWDELHI
White wine cocktail KIR
— Salvador SAN
Break suddenly SNAP
Casual top TSHIRT
“The A-Team” actor MRT
Elevator name OTIS
Toothpaste holder TUBE
Logical SANE
Alphabetic sequence RSTU
Spanish cheers OLES
“Candy is dandy” poet NASH
“— a Camera” IAM
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