Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers November 18, 2022

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Hilo hello ALOHA
Indent key TAB
Slump SAG
Stared in wonder GAPED
“I love,” in Latin AMO
Capote nickname TRU
January, to Juan ENERO
Add water to HYDRATE
Synagogue leaders RABBIS
“Les États- —” UNIS
“Caught ya!” AHA
Many millennia EON
Peaks of Peru ANDES
On pension (Abbr.) RETD
Lowlife, in slang CREEPO
Eats noisily CHOMPS
Musical pace TEMPO
Egyptian river NILE
Dole out ALLOT
Embrace HUG
Workout venue GYM
Humdinger LULU
Film genre HORROR
Apportion PRORATE
D-Day beach OMAHA
“Yo!” HEY
Embassy VIP AMB
Suppress, in a way SITON
Annex ADD
Hearty quaff ALE
Shorthand pro STENO


Get older AGE
PC linkup LAN
Olympian queen HERA
Photoshop maker ADOBE
Sesame paste TAHINI
Adams and Tan AMYS
Physique BOD
“Glee” guitarist ARTIE
Writer Damon RUNYON
— buddy BOSOM
Curved line ARC
That ship HER
Fire sign? ASH
Roundabout path DETOUR
Use elbow grease on SCOUR
Favorite PET
Move seasonally MIGRATE
Layer PLY
Religious sch. SEM
“Friends” role PHOEBE
Greek leader? ALPHA
Enticed LURED
Frank — Wright LLOYD
Webmaster’s code HTML
Motorist’s org. AAA
Sweetie HON
Year in Mexico ANO
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