Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers November 20, 2021

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Bulb rating WATTS
Clutch GRASP
Painter Georges SEURAT
Defies authority REBELS
Complete ENTIRE
2,000 pounds ONETON
Ultimate NTH
Seer’s deck TAROT
Prefix with night or light TWI
“Alternatively,” in a text OTOH
“Lion” actor Patel DEV
Composer Ned ROREM
Evening prayers VESPERS
Body of water (Abbr.) RIV
— Canals SOO
Uncool NOTOK
Frayed WORN
Turf SOD
“— Rose” (“The Music Man” song) LIDA
Glam Gardner AVA
To date ASYET
100 yrs. CEN
Update, as a bathroom RETILE
Talkative CHATTY
Truck fuel DIESEL
Highly decorated ORNATE
Kilmer poem TREES
Desert plant YUCCA


Attended WENTTO
Book maker? AUTHOR
Part of TNT TRI
Small fruit pie TART
Flat fee? RENT
Honest politician ABE
Parlor piece SETTEE
Farmer, at times PLOWER
Toledo title SENOR
Salon sounds SNIPS
Gun the engine REV
Egret’s cousin HERON
Thread holder SPOOL
Roman 1004 MIV
Sean, to Yoko SON
Harbor sights VESSELS
Tony or Oscar AWARD
“This is fantastic!” LOVEIT
Moon cavity CRATER
Sauce source SOY
Mini breath mint TICTAC
Folk-blues singer ODETTA
Rap star West KANYE
Fake drake DECOY
Out of the storm ALEE
Drive- — window THRU
British verb ending ISE
Mandela’s org. ANC
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