Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers November 25, 2021

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


“Dream on!” ASIF
Meander ROAM
Silent assent NOD
Theater section LOGE
Museo display ARTE
Hot temper IRE
Limo-rental time PROMNIGHT
Tiara sparkler GEM
Use a sieve STRAIN
Sneeze sound ACHOO
“— Bamba” LA
Pie-in-the-face sound SPLAT
Hayseed RUBE
Former Delta rival TWA
Roman 602 DCII
Bird (Pref.) AVI
ISP giant AOL
New England cape ANN
Three, in Rome TRE
Tax prep pros CPAS
Famous NOTED
Rainey or Barker MA
Horned beast RHINO
Wine vessel CARAFE
Summer mo. AUG
Stay-up-late types NIGHTOWLS
“Whatevs” MEH
Notion IDEA
Act of faith? LEAP
Concorde, e.g. SST
Geezer COOT
Jittery EDGY


Swiss peaks ALPS
Separate SORT
Mr. Stravinsky IGOR
Like does and hens FEMALE
April forecast RAIN
URL ending ORG
Sports fig. ATH
Rock genre METAL
Bedtime drink NIGHTCAP
Layered cookie OREO
Audition CD DEMO
Actress Long NIA
Scoundrel CAD
Duel tool SWORD
Ale variety PALE
Knock RAP
Sch. founded by Jefferson UVA
1996 Tony Shalhoub film BIGNIGHT
London gallery TATE
Chef Garten INA
Connections INS
Long time EON
Songwriter King CAROLE
Bar mixer TONIC
Yoga pad MAT
Runs (into) RAMS
Colorations HUES
Converse CHAT
Dumbstruck AWED
Banner FLAG
Glimpse ESPY
Chapel vow IDO
Earth (Pref.) GEO
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