Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers November 29, 2021

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Crèche trio MAGI
Glitch BUG
Concept IDEA
Harrow rival ETON
Texter’s “As I see it” IMO
Little lice NITS
Gaming tyro NOOB
Sightseeing stop LANDMARK
Open up, as a flag UNFURL
Prods to action GOOSES
“Star Wars” princess LEIA
Recipe abbr. TSP
Price reduction MARKDOWN
Heavy reading? TOME
Kitchen gadget brand OXO
Be nosy SNOOP
Singer Carly — Jepsen RAE
Stew veggies PEAS
Evidence of sudden braking SKIDMARK
Narc’s org. DEA
Morales of “Jericho” ESAI
Spots in the ocean ISLETS
March in place MARKTIME
“Phooey!” DRAT
Gratis FREE
“Mayday!” SOS
Austen novel EMMA
Bryn — MAWR
Very popular HOT
En-grossed RAPT


Carte MENU
Like — of bricks ATON
Blunder GOOF
Economical way to buy INBULK
Ginormous amount BILLIONS
Actress Thurman UMA
Cymbal’s kin GONG
Deepest INMOST
Migration of a sort DIASPORA
To be, in Tours ETRE
Requests ASKS
Speck DOT
Cincinnati team REDS
Heard the alarm clock AWOKE
Swab the deck MOP
Chopper AXE
Pothole repairers ROADCREW
Least quiet NOISIEST
Blemish MAR
“A mouse!” EEK
Hi-tech organizers PDAS
Quidditch position SEEKER
Not as spicy MILDER
Busy insect ANT
Like most car radios AMFM
Country singer Evans SARA
Platter DISH
Singer Franklin ERMA
Pack (down) TAMP
Sports figure? STAT
Cattle call MOO
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