Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers October 13, 2021

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Tavern PUB
Flightless birds EMUS
Abhor HATE
Sound of surprise OHO
“East of Eden” girl ABRA
“Zounds!” EGAD
Mafia boss DON
Biblical realm SHEBA
Actress Basinger KIM
Pac-12 sch. UCLA
Riga residents LETTS
Southwestern farm worker RANCHERO
Mystery writer Paretsky SARA
Exist ARE
— living (make money) EARNA
Fleur-de- — LIS
Cabbage salad SLAW
William — Hearst RANDOLPH
Driver’s offer HOPIN
Luke’s mentor YODA
Kinsey study SEX
Answers an Evite RSVPS
Arrange haphazardly RANDOMIZE
Mork’s planet ORK
Big fair, for short EXPO
Historic times ERAS
— chi TAI
Salon request PERM
Kvetches NAGS
German river EMS


Seed holders PODS
“Oops!” UHOH
Dog’s treasure BONE
Diver’s malady EARACHE
CEO’s degree, maybe MBA
Coffee vessel URN
Messenger god HERMES
Previously AGO
Greek cross TAU
Mag. staff EDS
Black gold OIL
Tampa Bay NFLer BUC
Jet type LEAR
Orderly grouping ARRAY
Towering TALL
Journey TRIP
Impetuous RASH
Guthrie of folk ARLO
Tide type NEAP
— account (never) ONNO
Insight WISDOM
W. Hemisphere gp. OAS
Prefix with natal NEO
Marvel superheroes XMEN
Cast a ballot VOTE
Baby carriage PRAM
Vail gear SKIS
Gym unit REP
Chopper AXE
“Morning Edition” airer NPR
Glass of public radio IRA
Sharp turn ZAG
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