Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers October 16, 2021

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Efron of “Parkland” ZAC
Jason’s ship ARGO
Asset PLUS
Business mag INC
Enlist again REUP
Pop’s sister AUNT
Compass dir. NNE
Tide type NEAP
Wine valley NAPA
Set of deportment standards CODEOFCONDUCT
Gore and Pacino ALS
“Chandelier” singer SIA
Billy goat feature BEARD
Wager BET
Cagers’ gp. NBA
Journey TRIP
Hake’s relative COD
Naturalist John MUIR
Blue SAD
Cudgel BAT
Gossip YENTA
Supporting FOR
River blocker DAM
Chuck Norris film CODEOFSILENCE
“When I Was —” ALAD
Play opener ACTI
Sound of surprise OHO
Exceptional RARE
Assess RATE
Tom Collins liquor GIN
Bobcat cousin LYNX
Eve’s grandson ENOS
Rds. STS


Galvanizing metal ZINC
Part of A.D. ANNO
Sent a dupe to CCED
Golf’s Palmer ARNOLD
Coral formations REEFS
Avocado dip, for short GUAC
Went up against OPPOSED
Bamboo eater PANDA
Maui meal LUAU
Potentially offensive, for short UNPC
Sports figure? STAT
Lawman Wyatt EARP
Little louse NIT
“Mic Drop” K-pop band BTS
Historic period ERA
Help AID
Droid BOT
Convent resident NUN
Iota BIT
Coach Parseghian ARA
Commuter’s cash CARFARE
Viral video, e.g. MEME
Ghostly greeting BOO
“Same here” DITTO
Sagan or Sandburg CARL
Skin care brand OLAY
“Phooey!” DARN
Read quickly SCAN
Eggy drinks NOGS
Voucher CHIT
Eternities EONS
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