Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers October 17, 2020

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


That woman SHE
Actress Kunis MILA
Con job SCAM
Japanese pond fish KOI
Body sci. ANAT
“— you an apology” IOWE
Actor McKellen IAN
Roasting rod SPIT
“A Room of — Own” ONES
Prize-seeking party games TREASUREHUNTS
Allow LET
Upper limit MAX
Burial chambers TOMBS
Secret agent SPY
Pants part LEG
— mater ALMA
Lustrous black JET
Tragic DIRE
Tiara jewel GEM
Sheep’s cry BAA
Racket NOISE
Pistol GUN
Deity GOD
Sports-recreation vessels PLEASUREBOATS
Steerer’s place HELM
Cain’s brother ABEL
Memo letters FYI
Rights org. ACLU
Get up RISE
Museum display ART
Yonder item THAT
Belgian river YSER


Revue segment SKIT
Frost HOAR
Bonn article EINE
Church services MASSES
Suggestions INPUT
Hideaway LAIR
Crazy Horse, for one SIOUX
Didi of “Grease” CONN
Mad as — hen AWET
Disarray MESS
Jessica of “Dark Angel” ALBA
Horse chow HAY
Price point? TAG
Flamenco cry OLE
“Tasty!” MMM
Salty expanse SEA
Half of CIV LII
Hosp. sections ERS
“Gosh!” GEE
Jones who played Betty on “Mad Men” JANUARY
Nitwit DODO
Greyhound vehicle BUS
More altruistic NOBLER
Entire range GAMUT
Gaggle members GEESE
Excellent, in slang PHAT
Nobelist Walesa LECH
Jazzy Fitzgerald ELLA
Baseball stats RBIS
Miles away AFAR
Model Banks TYRA
Poses SITS
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