Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers October 23, 2021

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Petrify SCARE
Shoulder wraps STOLES
Moving day rentals UHAULS
Border plants HOSTAS
Find hilarious ROARAT
Suitable APT
Doles (out) METES
Kingston Trio hit MTA
— gum (thickener) GUAR
Bracketed word SIC
Pair’s air DUET
False rumors CANARDS
Trojans’ sch. USC
Calendar abbr. NOV
X-ray alternative PETSCAN
Cuts into cubes DICES
Scarce RARE
Goose egg NIL
TV explorer DORA
— standstill ATA
Suitcase attachment IDTAG
Some coll. degrees BAS
Insurance type DENTAL
Quagmire MORASS
Esoteric ARCANE
Barnum’s partner BAILEY
Grinch creator SEUSS
Job openings SLOTS


Top billing sharer COSTAR
Flight stat ALT
500 sheets REAM
Road curves ESSES
“You betcha I will!” SURECAN
“— on first?” WHOS
Bond rating AAA
Speak softly MURMUR
Coated, as with gold PLATED
Thick carpets SHAGS
Sports figures? STATS
Spasm TIC
Waste not REUSE
Goliath’s foe DAVID
PC key ESC
Auction signal NOD
Menorah inserts CANDLES
“The Devil Wears —” PRADA
Foodies EATERS
Petty peeve NIT
Blue hue COBALT
Deletes ERASES
Impudent SASSY
Young sheep LAMBS
Holm and Fleming IANS
Soccer score GOAL
Greek cross TAU
Carnival city RIO
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