Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers September 17, 2021

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Author: Eugene Sheffer


Reggae relative SKA
Trail the pack LAG
H.S. math ALG
Chest-beating beast APE
Agra’s land INDIA
Springy dance JIG
Avoids, as a puddle STEPSOVER
Singer DiFranco ANI
Actress Thompson TESSA
Retain KEEP
Salty expanse SEA
Like morning grass DEWY
Parking place LOT
Down times SLUMPS
Doppler device RADAR
Popular typeface ARIAL
Rubber gaskets ORINGS
IRS employee CPA
Merlot, for one WINE
Armed conflict WAR
Dweeb NERD
Strains TAXES
Pair with an air DUO
Goes too far OVERSTEPS
Dallas sch. SMU
Vatican masterpiece PIETA
Allow LET
Recede EBB
Greedy sort TAKER
Snake’s sound SSS
Long. crosser LAT


Game show host Pat SAJAK
Actor Kevin KLINE
Texas AandM student AGGIE
Endure LAST
Most fitting APTEST
Gaggle members GEESE
“Mona —” LISA
Rock’s Brian ENO
Adj. modifier ADV
Compete VIE
Listener EAR
Unpaid TV ads PSAS
Runway model? PLANE
Boxer Roberto DURAN
Brit. record label EMI
New Deal agcy. WPA
Designer monogram YSL
URL ending ORG
Napkin’s place LAP
Squabble ROW
MSNBC’s Melber ARI
Cacophony DIN
Smack a baseball SWAT
Thin pancakes CREPES
Skating jumps AXELS
Bygone Ford EDSEL
Ballroom dance RUMBA
Uncertainty DOUBT
Despot TSAR
Bygone fliers SSTS
Choose OPT
By way of VIA
“A mouse!” EEK
Hwy. RTE
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