Feature of web addresses Crossword Clue Answer

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Question: Feature of web addresses

Solution: DOT

DOT Definition 1:
A small round mark see also polka dot.
Put a dot over the i.
The dots on the map represent cities.
She said, “Go to Learners Dictionary dot com [=the Web site www.learnersdictionary.com] for more information.”
DOT Definition 2:
A small spot :a small area that is different in color from the main part .
You have a dot of ketchup on your shirt.
As we drove away, the house became just a dot on the horizon.
DOT Definition 3:
A short signal (such as a sound or a flash of light) that represents a letter or a part of a letter in Morse code compare dash 7.
The Morse code for the letter v is three dots and a dash.

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