Fire-___ (daring circus performer) Crossword Clue Answer

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Question: Fire-___ (daring circus performer)

Solution: EATER

EATER Definition 1:
To take food into your mouth and swallow it + obj no obj To eat out is to dine at a restaurant rather than at home. To eat in is to dine at home. .
You’ll feel better if you eat something.
I ate a big breakfast so I’m not very hungry.
Let’s grab a bite to eat. = Let’s get something to eat.
I’ve been trying to watch what I eat. [=to be more careful about eating healthy foods and not eating too much]
I’m hungry. Let’s eat.
They like to eat at home.
It’s important to eat right. [=to eat healthy foods]
We like to eat out on Fridays.
Let’s eat in tonight.
EATER Definition 2:
To gradually destroy, use, or take away something :to wear something away + obj usually + away no obj usually + into, away at, or at .
The rocks were eaten away by erosion.
Marketing costs ate into their profits.
The acids were eating away at the metal finish.
The failure of his business has eaten away at his confidence.
EATER Definition 3:
To bother or annoy (someone) .
What’s eating you?

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