Garbo And Gable, E.g. Crossword Clue Answer

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Definition 1:
Any one of the objects in space that are made of burning gas and that look like points of light in the night sky see also evening star morning star north star pole star shooting star.

They gazed up at the stars.
There are billions of stars in the universe.
Bright star clusters
A distant star system
The stars are out [=are not hidden by clouds] tonight.
I’m glad we didn’t use the tent. It’s so much nicer to sleep outside under the stars.
Definition 2:
A star or planet especially in a certain position that is believed in astrology to influence people’s lives usually plural see also star-crossed.

I was born under a lucky star. [=I was born lucky]
(Brit) Did you read your stars [=horoscope] today?
I guess romance just isn’t in the stars for me right now. [=romance isn’t going to happen for me right now]
You can thank your lucky stars [=you are lucky] that no one was hurt.
Definition 3:
Something (such as a symbol or medal) with five or more points that represents or suggests a star see also bronze star silver star stars and stripes.

The teacher gives out gold stars [=gold stickers in the shape of stars] for good behavior.
I put stars [=asterisks] next to the most important items in the list.
Definition 4:
A symbol that is shaped like a star and that is used as part of a rating system to show how good something is see also five-star four-star.

The restaurant was awarded four stars for excellence.
Critics give the movie three stars.
Definition 5:
The most important and well-known performer in a movie, play, etc. .

She’s the star of the show.
Definition 6:
An extremely famous and successful performer or athlete often used before another noun .

His performance in that film made him a star.
She always dreamed of being a movie star.
Baseball/football/track stars
A rock/pop star
He’s made a name for himself as the hair stylist to the stars. [=for famous people]
star athletes
The star system [=the practice of using famous actors in movies, etc., in order to attract a bigger audience]
The producers are looking for someone with star quality. [=the talent, looks, etc., needed to become a star]
Definition 7:
A person who is very successful, important, etc. often used before another noun see also megastar superstar.

There were many talented students in the class, but she was clearly the star. [=the most talented one]
He is a rising star [=a person who is becoming more popular and successful] in the world of politics.
A star student
Our star trumpeter
She was the star witness at the trial.
The pandas are the zoo’s star attraction. [=they are the most popular attraction at the zoo]
Definition 8:
Someone who is good or helpful .

“Thank you. You’re a star!”

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