Get power from Crossword Clue Answer

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Question: Get power from

Solution: PLUGINTO

PLUGINTO Definition 1:
To fill or cover (a hole, space, etc.) with something often + up often used figuratively .
We were able to plug the hole with cement.
Leaves and dirt were plugging [=blocking] the storm drain.
He plugged up the spaces between the stones with mud.
The drain was plugged up. [=clogged, blocked]
The company needs to plug the holes/gaps in its security system.
PLUGINTO Definition 2:
To praise (something, such as a book, movie, or restaurant) publicly in a way that makes people want to buy it, see it, etc. :to advertise (something) by talking about it especially on the radio or television .
One of the DJs on the local radio station has been plugging the band’s new album.
PLUGINTO Definition 3:
To shoot (someone) with a gun .
He plugged him right in the chest.

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