July 15, 2018 New York Times Crossword Answers

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New York Times, Sunday, July 15, 2018
Crossword Title: COMPLIMENTARY
Author: Sam Ezersky and Byron Walden
Editor: Will Shortz

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Crossword Clues

Iams competitor
Song sung by Garth Brooks on Jay Leno’s last “Tonight Show”
Podcast host Maron
Fred Flintstone’s boss
Weathers, as a hurricane
“That’s me you’re looking for”
Compliment to a lawmaker?
Lesley who played Mrs. Patmore on “Downton Abbey”
___ the sly (be secretive about)
Drug used to combat A.D.H.D.
Short writing assignment, informally
Really like
Really like
Compliment to a composer?
___ voce
Deep, deep hole
Crème de ___
Lucky strike?
Toe, to a tot
John, Paul or George, but not Ringo
Alternative to first-class
Lake vessel
Water cooler?
Cornbread variety named for where it’s baked
Film role for the dog Skippy
Meditative discipline
Compliment to a lecturer?
Compliment to a taxonomist?
Compliment to a champion speller?
2002 Literature Nobelist Kertész
Snack with a rock climber on its wrapper
Head of communications?
Gettysburg general
Like many holiday candles
Gal of “Wonder Woman”
Banned game projectiles
[not my mistake]
“Why, you little …”
Word with prayer or paddle
Claim in e-cigarette ads
Compliment to a charity organizer?
Dorm V.I.P.s
Major exporter of uranium
Hand-to-hand combat weapon
Long lines?
. Athlete honored on Richmond’s Monument Avenue
. Drained of color
. Compliment to a vegetable gardener?
. What the “s” stands for in “scuba”
. Enhanced medium for talk radio
. Draw upon
. “___ Enchanted” (2004 film)
. Result of a computer crash
. Got back at
. Difficult situation
Key of Mozart’s “Odense” Symphony
Thin layer
___ to sell
Color-changing creatures
“Yo te ___” (Spanish 101 phrase)
How boors behave
Some inclement weather, in broadcast shorthand
“Oh, by the way …”
GPS system, e.g.
Suffix with señor
Weapon resembling the letter psi
Beat after a buzzer beater
Alternative to Parmesan
Chuck ___, four-time Super Bowl-winning coach
Pick out
Uranians and Neptunians
Lack the courage to, for short
Musical set in St.-Tropez, familiarly
Actress Hoffmann of “Transparent”
Half: Prefix
What dark clouds might represent
Small bone, as in the ear
Quai D’Orsay setting
Prepared to shoot
Beings on TV’s “Doctor Who”
West Coast beer brand, informally
Modern payment option
Musical medley
Not hold back, to a poker player
Ottoman title
Twice tetra-
More sharply dressed
Container for amontillado
Easternmost of the Lesser Antilles
Kitchen device
Meriting only half a star, say
French city where D’Artagnan lived in “The Three Musketeers”
MSN, for one
B on an LP
Site for an A.C.L. tear
Took off
Words said before bed?
Peace Nobelist Yousafzai
ID card fig.
Lose rigidity
Not worth ___
Florida’s Miami-___ County
Lightsaber wielder
Worlds external to the mind
Activity in libraries and movie theaters
Diplomatic agreement
Record label for Whitney Houston
One of the friends on “Friends”
Milkshake, in New England
Author Gerritsen and actress Harper
What one might seek after a computer crash, informally
Opera with the aria “Ave Maria”
Vice president Agnew
Stone that’s a star
It may be checkered
Till section
. Scrape
. Crestfallen
. Tony winner Hagen
. Dallas hoopster, briefly
. Roll on a golf course
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