July 22, 2018 New York Times Crossword Answers

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New York Times, Sunday, July 22, 2018
Crossword Title: MOVIE "M*A*S*H" "UP"
Author: Patrick Merrell
Editor: Will Shortz

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Crossword Clues

Festival of Colors celebrant
Mission to remember
“Goldarn it!”
Orchestra section behind the violas
Canon competitor
Former QB Tony
Treat embossed with its name
“Anchorman” = ? (1976) + ? (1980)
An “A” in history?
The forest, as opposed to the trees
“Rear Window” = ? (2004) + ? (2014)
Big, big, big
E.-W. line
Best in mental competition
Like three men of rhyme
Big Ten sch. whose mascot is an anthropomorphic nut
“Silence of the Lambs” = ? (1946) + ? (1960)
Rockettes motions
One-named singer with #1 hits in 1965 and 1999
Bikini blast, briefly
Yves’s yes
Smith of Fox News
Top dogs
Brewing need
Split base?
Cry of desperation
“Transformers” = ? (2000) + ? (1992)
Dept. of Justice heads
Lofty standards
“Me first” sort
Uncle with a top hat and tie
“Jurassic Park” = ? (1997) + ? (1975)
James who played TV’s Marshal Dillon
Third place
City across the Missouri from Council Bluffs
California’s Big ___
Maker of the golden calf, in Exodus
Shakespeare’s stream
Keys in
“Twister” = ? (2004) + ? (2013)
. Cracker Jack ingredient
. One tick, briefly
. Frederick Forsyth’s “The ___ File”
. Kind of code
. “Facts First” sloganeer
. “Sexy” Beatles woman
. “Dumb and Dumber” = ? (2007) + ? (1979)
. Passes, as time
. Bit of physics
. Manlike monster
. “The Poseidon Adventure” = ? (1956) + ? (1984)
. Sylvester’s speech feature
. Villagers victimized by the Grinch
. Florida tourist attraction
. Dad who says “D’oh!”
. Pool event
. Dupes
. In position
. Some beams
“___ to differ”
Fa or la
Mountain ___ (some sodas)
Uniform entertainment?
Target for an angry Chihuahua
Removes from a box, say
Alias introducer
Choosy ones, in Jif ads
N.B.A. great with size 22 shoes
All in front?
Bit of baby talk
Shower of the way
Silents star whose name is an anagram of 112-Down
Travel, as thou might
Certain wedding officiant
Apt radio call letters for a beach town
Babe magnet
Caesar’s “to be”
Creep (along)
Lower Manhattan area
Rates ___ (is perfect)
Dangerous juggling prop
Set one’s sights on
Slip in lieu of a chip
Without a contract
Editorial override
“… but who ___?”
Mount ___, second-highest peak in Africa
Big jerk
Birds with long, curved beaks
Pittsburgh-based food company
Radio format
Equal, in math
Long tale
“Don’t ___ surprised”
Primarily study
Jack of old westerns
Alternative to sending to jail
No longer on deck
Not tomboyish
Brownstone hangout
Dallas-based carrier: Abbr.
Stud fee?
Who wrote “All great truths begin as blasphemies”
Many a worker in ancient Rome
Some small batteries
Sister company of Budget
Little ones
One-named Irish singer
1980 Olympics boycotter
Some Crown Royal offerings
Academy nomination
Prep for the ring
Title for Meghan Markle
. Sicily’s Mount ___
. Churns up
. Long Island university
. Jabs, in a way
. Writing attributed to King David
. Protruding part of the body
. Presume, informally
. Lure
. Niamey’s land
. Daft
. Ottoman title
. Tiniest sip
. Mature
. Pig
. “Roll Tide!” school
. River flooded in W.W. I to thwart the Germans
. Signature Obama legislation, for short
. Store door posting: Abbr.
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