July 23, 2018 New York Times Crossword Answers

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Crossword Title: New York Times, Monday, July 23, 2018
Author: Todd Gross
Editor: Will Shortz

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Crossword Clues

Host with a microphone
Egyptian goddess with a repetitive name
Three blind creatures, in a children’s rhyme
West Coast N.F.L. player
Black, to poets
Suffix with count
California/Nevada border lake
Singer with the multiplatinum albums “19,” “21” and “25”
“That’s all ___ got”
Suffix with cash or cloth
Parliamentary agenda
Hold on property
Pitching stat
Memo-heading inits.
“___ fool!”
Yang’s partner
Writer ___ Rice Burroughs
Chest protector
San Francisco’s ___ Hill
Fish in some salads
Literary club feature
Preceder of Alamos or Angeles
She’s a sheep
“I Still Believe ___” (#1 Vince Gill country song)
Pen name
Door fastener
Dallas sch. with a presidential library
Annual Time issue
“CHiPs” actor Estrada
First chip in the pot
Previously aired show
Profit’s opposite
Old Russian ruler
Place for camels to rest
GPS graphics
One leading a fight for change
Good listener?
Displayer of one’s feelings
Possibly, but unlikely
Artsy Manhattan neighborhood
“Yeah, that seems plausible”
College term: Abbr.
Idea that spreads popularly and widely
Barcelona’s peninsula
Pass along
Go through the door
Not true
Cyclops feature
“Raging Bull” star Robert
TV broadcast band
Rock-___ (jukebox brand)
Fabric tear
Like a sound that can barely be heard
Playground retort
This way
Pitcher’s tour de force
N.R.A. members
Insect in a colony
Quaint college cheer
Ship’s front
Park furniture
Orchestral work by Ravel
Egyptian god who’s a brother of 6-Across
“You saved me!”
Place to put an American flag pin
Poses a question
Skin conditioner brand
Island ESE of Oahu
Large coffee holders
Turner who led a slave rebellion
Vote in favor
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