LA Times Crossword Answers August 02, 2020

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Author: Dan Schoenholz / Ed. Rich Norris


Defeat big-time STOMP
Food chain with a smiley face in its logo IHOP
Oma’s “Oh, my!” ACH
Car company that owns SolarCity TESLA
__ eclipse LUNAR
Super stars? NOVAE
Wish to do over, perhaps RUE
Get on the wagon HOPUP
Two that received Oscar nods in all four acting categories ASTREETCARNAMEDDESIRE
Vietnamese soup PHO
Chocolate choice DARK
Nile danger ASP
Meet activity SWAP
Homer’s TV neighbor NED
Samoa’s largest export before the blight TARO
Lurid material SMUT
“Just to clarify … “ IMEAN
Fancy neckwear ASCOTS
Duo from the Deep South STEELMAGNOLIAS
Reinforce, with “up” SHORE
“Come again?” WHAT
Kisser YAP
One soaking things up SPONGE
Word with up, mid or down TOWN
Feudal lord LIEGE
Orca group POD
Olympic sledder LUGER
Pair for the holidays ITSAWONDERFULLIFE
Versailles VIP ROI
Coolidge’s VP DAWES
Iris ring AREOLA
Retina part CONE
Gathers in a condensed layer ADSORBS
Disrespects SNUBS
Big game centers ARCADES
Supply orders: Abbr. REQS
Big name in pain relief ANACIN
Weasel relative STOAT
Sigma follower TAU
Couple in the 21st century with Best Director Oscar winners BROKEBACKMOUNTAIN
More than annoyed IRATE
Recycle container BIN
Band led by the Wilson sisters HEART
Mystical old letter RUNE
Soda shop freebies STRAWS
Game console letters NES
“Relax” EASY
Category GENRE
Two period pieces from across the pond THEKINGSSPEECH
Went sailing, say BOATED
Have confidence in BETON
Go for the passer RUSH
Innate talent GIFT
Insignificant amount SOU
Bird one hates to eat? CROW
Before, to Byron ERE
Second AIDE
Bounty title HMS
Pair of divergent tales of the paranormal ANIGHTMAREONELMSTREET
Tree-lined walkway ALLEE
Actress Longoria EVA
“Attack, Rover!” SICEM
Date component, often COMMA
Digital units BYTES
Work with thread SEW
Model POSE
Bouncing off the walls HYPER


Hockey’s __ shot SLAP
Heinie TUSH
Not fooled by ONTO
Scrape, say MAR
Happen before PREDATE
“101” course title word INTRO
Pawn at a shop HOCK
In vitro supply OVA
Defining characteristic PARAMETER
Escort’s offering ARM
Sticks maintained with chalk CUES
Harry Potter’s owl HEDWIG
Whom prosecutors represent THEPEOPLE
Canon camera line EOS
Equipment shunned by fly fishers SPINNINGROD
Entice LURE
Mimicked APED
Happen next ENSUE
Pair with drums EARS
In a relevant way APTLY
Puts a curse on DAMNS
Fujita scale subjects TORNADOS
__ fright STAGE
Jesus of baseball ALOU
Italian bubbly ASTI
Tequila order SHOT
Jerseys, e.g. COWS
Gets rid of SHEDS
Sources of fall colors MAPLES
Olympics speed skater Ohno APOLO
When many walk AGEONE
Set of TV programs SERIES
One trashing a cab, maybe? WINESNOB
Type of weightlifting squat LOWBAR
Tending to procrastinate DILATORY
High-card-wins game WAR
Zoologist’s subject FAUNA
Metro area, informally URB
’60s “Sweet!” FAROUT
Snack for Tabby CATTREAT
Hopper or Whistler ARTIST
Serious shortage DEARTH
Broad and solidly constructed, in Sussex SQUAREBUILT
Act parts SCENES
Writing tip NIB
Fire at work CAN
Pulitzer playwright Zoƫ AKINS
Big shot in tennis SMASH
Nabisco cracker made with cheddar CHEESENIP
Stacy who played TV’s Mike Hammer KEACH
Rosemary Clooney, to George AUNT
Subject opener INRE
“__ I say more?” NEED
Stable sound SNORT
Buying time big-time? SPREE
Lab order? GOFETCH
Fabled underground treasure guardians GNOMES
Capital of France EUROS
Auction actions BIDS
The Stones’ “__ Shelter” GIMME
Bygone Swedish car company SAAB
No more than ONLY
Permanent __ WAVE
Sierra Nevada products ALES
Rope source HEMP
Internet __: viral item MEME
Headliner STAR
“No kidding” GEE
Not even rare RAW
Green opening ECO
Pop artist Lichtenstein ROY
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