LA Times Crossword Answers October 17, 2020

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Author: Sheryl Bartol / Ed. Rich Norris


They clean up JANITORS
Menu category including shells PASTA
Park, for one OPENAREA
Monopoly player? CARTEL
Sign in many restaurant windows UBEREATS
Emblem on a dollar bill USSEAL
For or against SIDE
Parisian street food CREPES
CPR group EMS
“__ Story” TOY
Reasons for sighs CLOSECALLS
Female rabbit DOE
Like “Home Alone” RATEDPG
City NNW of Park City OGDEN
Many glasses are sold as one PAIR
Queen dowager of Jordan NOOR
Browning but not cooking POET
Have the ability to COULD
Ripped TORE
Barbecue tool feature TINE
Fireside sight LOGS
Like some tricks DIRTY
Showed scorn SNORTED
“Erie Canal” mule SAL
App update messages, say PUSHALERTS
Award show VIPs MCS
Egg dropper HEN
Plane, for one EVENER
“What can I help you with?” speaker SIRI
Clear out VACATE
It often includes a colon EMOTICON
Amtrak speedsters ACELAS
Retreat from, as a previous statement WALKBACK
Gives up CEDES
Clomps (through), as a puddle SPLOSHES


Renaissance faire contest JOUST
Challenging H.S. science class APBIO
Clingy, say NEEDY
Memo intro INRE
Menlo Park, N.J., notable TAE
Pythia of the Temple of Apollo, for one ORACLE
Vintage RETRO
MS enclosures SASES
Volkswagen sedan PASSAT
MGM motto word ARS
Safe room barrier STEELDOOR
Baseball or soccer TEAMSPORT
Start of a Shakespeare title ALLS
Its lines have lines CUECARD
Hazards PERILS
Sting CON
Ingredient in the Indian dish dal LENTIL
Discourages DETERS
Like a cloudy London day GREY
Goes (for) OPTS
Gentle parting sentiment GOINPEACE
Criticized publicly DENOUNCED
Charley, in Steinbeck’s “Travels With Charley” POODLE
National Mustard Day mo. AUG
Adheres … or separates CLEAVES
“__ Kapital” DAS
Angle symbols THETAS
Boardwalk activity STROLL
Online show offering Hollywood info ENEWS
Update after a new survey, maybe REMAP
Biblical prophet MICAH
“Time in a Bottle” singer CROCE
Some islands have them SINKS
Temperature control syst. HVAC
They’re often rivals SIBS
Ginger __ ALE
Ring decision, briefly TKO
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