LA Times Crossword Answers October 18, 2020

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Author: Gary Larson / Ed. Rich Norris


Rush job notation ASAP
Lose one’s way at the podium RAMBLE
Wild guess STAB
Eastern “way” TAO
Valley with vines NAPA
Cry out loud WAIL
“__ Luna”: Allende novel EVA
“You Make Me Feel Like Dancing” singer Leo SAYER
Wrecked Mitsubishi SUVs? TOTALEDECLIPSES
End-of-page abbr. PTO
1998 animated bug film ANTZ
“And how!” SUREDO
Eponymous lab dish inventor PETRI
Iconic ’60s-’70s TV caretaker AUNTBEE
Skein formers GEESE
Response to “Shall we?” LETS
Inflexible RIGID
Indian term of respect SRI
Modern office staples PCS
Foundry waste SLAG
Kept adding to, as a tab RANUP
Choice for the kitchen FLOORTILE
Like-minded group BLOC
Greenwich who co-wrote songs for the Ronettes and Crystals ELLIE
Head cases? CRANIA
Tricks CONS
Fraternity letter TAU
Found spots for Ford pickups? PARKEDRANGERS
Tiny songbird TIT
Eject OUST
Simple to manage WIELDY
Pepper named for a state TABASCO
“What the Butler Saw” playwright ORTON
The “E” in Q.E.D. ERAT
Indian spice mixtures MASALAS
“The Dirty Dozen” star LEEMARVIN
Comic strip frame PANEL
José’s home CASA
Put the kibosh on END
Sock part TOE
Poker Flat creator HARTE
Seals’ singing partner CROFTS
Building for tools SHED
Selected classic VWs at an online auction? CLICKEDBEETLES
Partnership for Peace gp. NATO
Leftovers wrap SARAN
Crossword solver’s smudge ERASURE
Something in the air AROMA
Series finale: Abbr. ETAL
Youngster TOT
Pointed the way for Subaru SUVs? DIRECTEDASCENTS
They cast no votes ANTIS
Dr. Seuss’ Sam-__ IAM
Former slugger Martinez TINO
Weapons cache ARMORY
Wasn’t straight LIED
Pack critter ASS
Getaway spots SPAS
Fannies TUSHES
Listening devices EARS


Note in an E scale ANATURAL
Parting word SAYONARA
Wild way to go APE
Good Samaritan story, say PARABLE
Betrayed, with “on” RATTED
Familiar gamut ATOZ
1980s Peppard co-star MRT
Partiality BIAS
Whopper LULU
Broke the surface EMERGED
Borg and Bergman SWEDES
Snacks in shells TACOS
Afflict AIL
Minor disruption BLIP
Took Honda SUVs for demo drives? TESTEDPILOTS
Ward off AVERT
Spring locale OASIS
Sudden outbursts SPATES
Bucks in the woods DEER
Soccer immortal PELE
Obligation NEED
Slight touches TINGES
Multinational money EURO
White rice’s lack BRAN
“The Mod Squad” cop with an Afro LINC
Feverish feeling AGUE
Energy ZIP
Bring into being SIRE
Like some norms or ills SOCIETAL
Medical center CLINIC
Takes care of SEESTO
Work with a hunter, perhaps RETRIEVE
Spanish dessert FLAN
Yearn LONG
Coddling for a comrade, briefly TLC
Weaken SAP
Picnic staple SLAW
Product of Bali BRA
“Lawrence of Arabia” star Peter OTOOLE
MLB Network sportscaster __ Shehadi LAUREN
Cleaned the interiors of Geo compacts? DUSTEDSTORMS
Weep CRY
Decimated Asian sea ARAL
“The Americans” co-star Russell KERI
Pizzazz ELAN
Banned pesticide DDT
Govt. org. that aids entrepreneurs SBA
Barnyard male TOM
Fancy ties ASCOTS
Rapper cousin of Snoop NATE
Target MARK
Required pot contribution ANTE
Start of an idea SEED
Fishing gear RODS
Super __ PAC
Quivering AFLUTTER
Focus of a 1990s-2000s baseball “era” STEROIDS
Stocks and such ASSETS
Michael of “Arrested Development” CERA
Naturally carbonated brew REALALE
Main Web page HOME
Doctrines CREDOS
Young Clark’s love LANA
Ross and DeVos BETSYS
Gymnast Comaneci NADIA
Opera solos ARIAS
__ football ARENA
Takes steps ACTS
Linen hue ECRU
Radiation measures REMS
To be, in Tours ETRE
“Let me give you a __ … “ TIP
Japanese drama NOH
Long of “Empire” NIA
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