LA Times Crossword Clue Answers September 08, 2018

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Author: Ryan McCarty / Ed. Rich Norris

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LA Times Crossword Answers, Saturday, September 08, 2018

Way to get up in Gotham
Obeyed a laryngologist
Ones on the left
In a showy way
Aptly named barbell brand
Furniture wood named for its color
Activewear shoe brand
Fig. targeted in some hacks
Humble abodes
Knight clubs
“Oye Como Va” songwriter Puente
Superman and Supergirl
Crony of Captain Bildad, in “Moby-Dick”
Jaguar spot?
2014 title role for Mia Wasikowska
Works that are up and down?
Where some get sloshed at sea?
Onetime members of the Winnebago Nation
Put to rest
Put up
Pickup line?
River critter
Pair of British puzzles?
Minolta Maxxum, e.g.
“Dragonwyck” novelist Seton
Film with Manny the Mammoth
Escape __
“Yeah, right”
They’re free of charge
Disc golf starting point
WikiLeaks editor
Hardware with crosspieces
Frenzied revelry
Accident scene arrival
Drug company founder Lilly
One-piece garments
“__ better be good!”
Second section of Verdi’s “Requiem”
League’s best
Sacred song collection
Tomorrowland attraction
Australian food spread
Smiley formerly of PBS
House helpers
One with app-titude?
Confusing tourist attractions
“Don’t kid around!”
Real whopper
Hotel door posting
Soup often served with sour cream
Bed border
Sub-Saharan menace
Without stopping
Eyeball-bending critter
Between ports
Stops shooting
Masked worker, perhaps
Org. featured in TV’s “Weeds”
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