LA Times Crossword Clue Answers September 14, 2018

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Author: Jeffrey Wechsler / Ed. Rich Norris

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LA Times Crossword Answers, Friday, September 14, 2018

Late bloomer
Education basic
Starbucks order
Laughing, say
Et __
Complimentary thoughts?
Half a Caribbean federation
Breitling competitor
Where some long drives begin
Certain octet member
Subtitle for “Further Adventures of Jack and Jill”?
U.K. singer Rita
Like the sticks
Tentative statement
Collaborative website
Classic slot images
“He that hath no beard is __ than a man”: Shak.
Battery post
Capt.’s heading
Reason to open another register?
Lean (on)
Balloting time: Abbr.
Flotilla locale
Keep up (with), as fashion trends
Rate hike at a tanning salon?
Goa garment
Edible bulb
Macabre fiction middle name
State of France
Some red marks
Knish purveyors
Stage flankers
When doubled, one of the Leeward Islands
Trendy berry
“Way of the gods” belief
Get a move on
French mine
Display, with “out”
Sea eagles
White alternative
Class for dogs and cats
“Guardians of the Galaxy” figure
Slight suggestion
Squeezed (out)
Arias, usually
Postseason game
Historic canal
Runs on
Nottingham’s river
Laugh producer
Comprising standard glazing
Local bond, briefly
The Ponte Vecchio spans it
[What a bore!]
“Scout’s honor!”
Attacked, with “into”
Kendrick of “Pitch Perfect” films
Meter, e.g.
“Heart of Darkness” author
Deal in electronics?
Put out
Eye-popping display
Ancient Jordanian archaeological city
Trig function
Prepare for sowing
Actor Morales
They’re often secured at tellers’ windows
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