Like a Triple Word Score square Crossword Clue Answer

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Question: Like a Triple Word Score square

Solution: RED

RED Definition 1:
Having the color of blood .
A shiny red fire truck
Bright red shoes
Dark red apples
RED Definition 2:
Reddish brown or reddish orange in color .
She has red hair. [=she is a redhead]
A red fox
RED Definition 3:
Pink because of embarrassment, anger, etc. .
His face turns red when he gets angry.
When she realized her mistake, she turned beet red. [=she blushed]
(Brit) His face went red with embarrassment.
RED Definition 4:
Having many red lines from lack of sleep, drunkenness, etc. :bloodshot .
Her eyes were red from crying.
RED Definition 5:
Supporting Communism :communist.

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