Neither’s partner Crossword Clue Answer

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Question: Neither’s partner

Solution: NOR

NOR Definition 1:
used after neither to show something is also not true, possible, allowed, etc. When neither and nor are used to join two subjects, the verb should agree with the subject that is closer to it. see also neither here nor there at here.
It’s neither good nor bad.
I neither know nor care what they think.
Neither you nor I nor anyone else will tell him.
His problems are neither my business nor yours.
Neither my mother nor I am going there today.
NOR Definition 2:
used after a negative statement to introduce a related negative word or statement .
She’s not the best student in her class, (but) nor is she the worst.
He didn’t quit his job, nor was he fired.
He is not going to the meeting (and) nor am I.
(formal) “I don’t know her.” “Nor do I.” [=neither do I; I don’t know her either]

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