NetWord Crossword Answers April 25, 2022

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Author: by Doug Peterson


“The buck stops __” HERE
Annoying person PEST
__ bear (Arctic mammal) POLAR
Unseal, as an envelope OPEN
Bar connecting auto wheels AXLE
Strong glue EPOXY
Beverage in a corked bottle WINE
Jockey’s strap REIN
Traditional Indian dwelling TEPEE
Music holders that succeeded cassettes COMPACTDISCS
Talk too much YAK
America’s Uncle SAM
Suffix for meteor ITE
Traps spun by spiders WEBS
“As a __ of fact . . .” MATTER
“Darn it!” DRAT
Has some food EATS
Providence, __ Island RHODE
’70s music cartridges EIGHTTRACKTAPES
Place to bowl ALLEY
High-fiber cereal BRAN
Highest phone-number digit NINE
Takes a nap SLEEPS
Elm or sycamore TREE
Chicago’s winter clock setting: Abbr. CST
TGIF contraction ITS
Soft-boiled breakfast EGG
“Platters” played on turntables VINYLRECORDS
“Moving right __ . . .” ALONG
Eerie glow AURA
Dry as a desert ARID
French-speaking Caribbean nation HAITI
Dot on a radar screen BLIP
Take a nap DOZE
Extra-cost purchase ADDON
Glances at SEES
Fencing sword EPEE


“__ do you do?” HOW
Heroic tale EPIC
Nevada city that rhymes with “casino” RENO
Pet bird that can talk PARAKEET
Corporate bigwig, for short EXEC
Open with a letter opener SLIT
__ bar (serves drinks) TENDS
Retail chain for dogs, cats, etc. PETSMART
Oil cartel initials OPEC
Chops (off) LOPS
Lumberjack’s chopper AXE
Sandwich bread RYE
Bear’s foot PAW
“Don’t you know who __?” IAM
Brainstorms IDEAS
Bird’s warbling sound TRILL
Bird that’s “bald” EAGLE
Sharp point on a ranch’s wire fence BARB
“Better late __ never” THAN
Subject being discussed TOPIC
Blissful places EDENS
Adjust back to zero RESET
“My country, ’tis of __ . . .” THEE
Lasting mark SCAR
Entering on a keyboard TYPINGIN
Neighbors of shinbones KNEECAPS
Pigpen STY
Sense of self EGO
Hefty slices SLABS
A- or B+ GRADE
No longer valid VOID
Vanish __ thin air INTO
Regulation RULE
Lake near Niagara Falls ERIE
Tiny bit of rain DROP
Medium or extra-large SIZE
“So that’s it!” AHA
Young fellow LAD
Barely passing mark DEE
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